Herbal Absorption

The skin is your largest organ and is in charge of bringing nutrients into your body and removing toxins from your body. Since ancient times, healers have made balms, ointments, poultices, baths and creams as vehicles for allowing herbs and other medicines to absorb into the skin to effect local or systemic healing.  While not as potent as taking herbs internally, transdermal herbal therapies are an excellent tonic for long term therapeutic benefit . You can get the healing benefits externally of plants that are too strong or toxic to take internally like Arnica or Sacred Datura. Furthermore, skin absorbed therapies are ideal for people who don't like taking capsules, don't enjoy teas, are frail or have problems with nausea.

The amount of trandermal absorption depends on the quantiy of the product (the more product, the more it will absorb), the amount of skin the product is applied to (the more skin annointed the more the absorption), which body area the product is being applied to (The skin on the genitals is 50 times more absorbant than the skin on the palms. The skin on the the face, abdomen, lips and the soles of the feet absorb quicker than the tougher skin on arms and legs.), whether the skin is occluded (a towel, bandage or covering over the applied product will make it absorb better) and finally absorption is facilitated when the skin is warm and slighlty humid.   

The Spa Herbalist Eco-Healing Creams may be rubbed in topically locally or massaged in to the whole body as you would a lotion. Read each product's recommendations. At
the Spa at Sedona Rouge, these herbal eco-healing creams are applied to guests as part of a therapeutic steam wrap. Likewise, if you have access to steam or sauna or simply apply after showering, the creams will penetrate deeply.

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