Sublime Herbal Spa Therapies

Spas, Wellness Professionals and Fellow Travelers on the Path….

The Spa Herbalist creates a range of luxurious professional spa body treatments and herbal wellness products, each artisan crafted to balance the physical body while emerging the spirit.

Professional Spa Treatments...
The Spa Herbalist offers a collection of signature spa treatments to spice up and distinguish spa menus . Each sublime treatment has been designed by the Spa Herbalist to have a genuine herbal wellness intent, inspired by ancient rituals, spiritual philosophies and healing traditions in cultures worldwide.
Spa Treatment back bar products and wholesale products for resale in spa boutiques are conveniently available for sale on this site. Also, smaller sized back bar for massage therapists and other wellness practitioners may be purchased here as well. There are no minimum opening orders or back bar minimums to contend with.

Herbal Wellness Products..
For wellness at home (and a little taste of the spa chez vous), the Spa Herbalist hand crafts herbal wellness products, available to purchase on this site. Each eco-healing cream, scrub, balm, bath, serum, tea and herbal oil is made of organic, naturally grown or wild-harvested botanicals and highly-conscious natural ingredients. The herbal wellness products are also very potent, designed to bring the vital healing powers of plants directly to you.

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